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Smoke Free

Smoking is the primary cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK accounting for approximately 100,000 deaths a year. About half of lifelong smokers will die prematurely, losing an average of 10 years of life.

Cigarettes contain 400 chemicals. The main ingredients are Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide and Tar all of which are harmful. It is the nicotine that causes the addiction and yes smoking is classed as an addiction. An addiction is ‘a defect in the brain’s ability to perceive process and act upon pleasurable experiences.’ [Kevin McCauley]

We have a mechanism in our brain that helps motivate us to seek out pleasure, to go and get it and rewards us. With smoking something goes wrong with the way our brain works, the nicotine hijacks our bodies normal survival system. So it’s not your fault! This is where the approach I use is effective. You may have stopped before and this just means that you are much more likely to stop permanently and completely this time.

Becoming smoke free can help you:

  • Breathe more easily

  • Have more energy

  • Feel less stressed

  • Have better sex

  • Belonging to a community

  • Improve fertility

  • Improve your taste and smell

  • Have younger looking skin

  • Have whiter teeth and sweeter breath

  • Live longer

  • Save you money

  • Improve your health

How can I help?

The Simmons Method

I use the Simmons Method to help clients be smoke free. This is an effective research based way to being smoke free. It uses a combination of hypnotherapy, behavioural and conversational techniques and practical advice that helps you stay smoke free for life.

The approach I use means that you will develop new skills to stay smoke free for life, future proofed against the cues that used to mean you smoked. The changes you make will be long lasting.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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The Therapy

This is a therapy where we work in partnership to achieve the results you want.

The therapy consists of an initial session, followed by a longer session a week later with ongoing support for 4 months: 

  • Step 1: Book your free 15 mins session to see if I’m the therapist for you. Finding the right therapist is essential as it means you can feel confident, comfortable and relaxed about working with me knowing that you will get the results you want

  • Step 2: Arrange the dates for your 2 session programme.

  • Step 3: Attend all your sessions

  • Step 4: In between sessions practice the techniques I will show you and listen regularly to the recordings that I will give you.

Cost of the therapy plan is £300 which includes support via phone/email throughout. I offer payment plans to suit your needs.

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