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Stress Buster Package – Schools

Stress in the work place

Stress in the workplace is increasing and it is encouraging that school leaders and governors are beginning to take the emotional health and well-being of their staff seriously. As research shows this can also impact on and influence the child’s social and emotional development.

There are four main sources of teacher stress:

  1. Teacher social and emotional fitness
  2. Job demands
  3. Work resources
  4. School organisations

I believe that prevention and raising awareness of stress is very important, in particular reducing the stigma of stress in the workplace.

I offer a range of interventions that can be developed around your individual school needs.

Whole team approach

A ½ day interactive workshop [see attached leaflet]. This is focused on raising awareness about stress along with the development of skills, techniques and strategies to effectively manage and prevent stress. The session will be tailored around your school’s needs so that your team get the best from the session.

 Individual interventions

Should your staff need any additional support I am able to offer this 1:1. As a therapist I use a ‘solution focused’ approach to managing stress and stress related behaviours which is very effective. This approach differs from commonly used therapeutic interventions and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought the client to seek help. Within this I use a range of interventions to enable the person to move forward with life. As an experienced qualified coach [ILM level 5 – Distinction] I can offer 1:1 coaching to all staff should this be also needed.

Organisational interventions

I have a wealth of experience in service improvement and change management and am able to offer support and advice regarding reviewing systems, processes, organisational culture and implementing change within your school which can also help improve the emotional health and well-being of your team.

As I offer a bespoke package tailored to your individual schools requirements it would be helpful to meet to discuss how I can best help meet your needs and budget to support your staff.  

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